Meticulous Assembly & Quality Control

March scopes are built and assembled individually by hand from start to finish.

The bodies are CNC machined to tolerances of less than .001" (one thousandth of an inch) and then the meticulous hand assembly begins. The glass used in all March scopes is extremely high end, low dispersion ED glass that is ground to perfection by the highest rated optical grinding laboratory in Japan. Once these lenses arrive at the factory they are tested for variances and any that show the least bit of variation are rejected.

Final assembly is done in a clean room which can only be entered after the technicians have gone through an air chamber that eliminates any fine dust particles that attach themselves to the lab suits. Special footwear is also required for the clean room. All this assures that when you receive your scope, the only thing you will see is dazzling clarity!

March Optics USA, Inc. maintains a comprehensive service center in the USA where March scopes of any age can be sent in for re-calibration, repairs, re-setting to factory specifications, troubleshooting, etc.

Body blank being CNC machined.
Inidividual hand-assembly in the clean room.

Dave, one of our factory-trained engineers, getting a scope ready for testing. If you feel your scope needs some "love," do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to check it out and give you a report.

One of our USA Engineers, Dave, doing some quality control and final inspection in the clean room.