All First Focal Plane Scopes Come Equipped with Tactical Turrets

About our Milliradian (Mil-rad) Reticle Scopes.

We often get asked if our Mil-rad calculations are "correct" to the USMC standards. Yes, they are.

Any March Scope with a Mil-rad reticle that you purchase from March Optics USA, Inc. is guaranteed to precisely match the USMC spec Mil-rad which is 1/6283.

First Focal Plane scopes are very popular with Tactical shooters.

Just what is "First Focal Plane"? In simple terms, the reticle size changes as you turn the magnification up or down, keeping it a constant in relation to the size of the target. The reticle really is not changing, but more so remaining a constant with the target. When you increase magnification the target appears larger and so do the lines of your reticle.

On the other hand with second focal plane scopes, the reticle size remains the same, but the target image gets larger. This is great when you are shooting at known distances. Below images of animal are from the First Focal Plane scope.