We often get asked if MARCH scopes are capable of taking the recoil of Large Magnum caliber rifles.

The simple answer is "Yes", but we would like to provide more information so that you, as a customer, have total confidence in MARCH. Several of our MARCH scopes have been extensively tested on .50 BMG rifles and the internal components of every MARCH scope have been able to handle the earth pounding recoil and percussion produced by the big fifty! However, we understand that just being able to handle recoil may not be enough and that the body of the scopes should also be very strong and able to handle tactical environments.

All MARCH scopes that have a 34 mm scope body have a body thickness that is 4 mm, which is double that of the 30 mm body scopes. This does not mean that you cannot use 30 mm body scopes on your Magnums.

We suggest that if you are using a MARCH scope on a .338 Lapua Magnum, a .375 CHEYTAC, a .408 CHEYTAC or a .50 BMG rifle that will get heavy field use, then pick one of our BIG MAGNUM scopes below.