March Scope Accessories

Flip Caps—Sold Individually:

Protection for your lens and ease of use all in one! This push fit cap goes snugly over the objective lens of your March scope, allowing it to sit flat on the body of the scope so it doesn't obstruct your view. Durable flip cover stays out of the way when you are using scope and protects the lens when you're not.

  • MAR2014

    41mm for all March Eyepieces

  • MAR2015

    33mm for 1-10 x 24,1-8 x 24
    Fits 24mm Objective Lens

  • MAR2016

    51mm for 2.5-25 x 42, 3-24 x 42
    Fits 42mm Objective Lens

  • MAR2017

    60mm for 5-32 x 52, 10-60 x 52,
    2.5-25 x 52, 3-24 x 52
    Fits 52mm Objective Lens

  • MAR2018

    64mm for 5-50 x 56, 8-80 x 56, 5-40 x 56
    Fits 56mm Objective Lens


3" (75mm) long hoods. Objective lens hood reduces stray light, glare and ghost images.

Anti-Reflective Device 52mm

This 52mm Honeycomb Anti-Reflective Device (ARD) prevents lateral reflections from bouncing off the objective lens (known as scope glint.) Used in any situation where stealth is required. For all March Scopes with 52mm objective lenses.

Large Turret Dial with Tape

This turret cap is specially made for March scopes from Cnc'd aluminum. Comes with white tape for the user to mark various yardages that then correspond with bullet drop for their particular caliber and load. Fits 5x-32x, 10x-60x, 5x-50x, and 8x-80x scopes.

2.5" Sunshade for 24mm Scopes

This 2.5" sunshade fites over the objective lens of your March scope to help reduce stray light, flare and ghost images. You won't always be shooting in ideal conditions, but this shade can help even the score! Fits all March 24mm scopes.

Blank Turret Dial

This turret cap is specially made for March scopes from Cnc'd aluminum. Comes with white tape for the user to mark various yardages that then correspond with bullet drop for their particular caliber and load. Fits 1x-4.5x, 1x-10x, 2.5x-25x, 1x-8x, 3x-24x, and 5x-40x scopes.

Leather Caps— Sold as Pairs
(For Eyepiece and Objective Lens End)

This handsome leather cap set is specially designed for March scopes so it fits snugly and securely over the lenses.

  • MAR2019

    for 24mm objective lens scopes

  • MAR2020

    for 42mm objective lens scopes

  • MAR2021

    for 52mm objective lens scopes

  • MAR2022

    for 56mm objective lens scopes

Modifier Disks

  1. a)

    May cut incoming light by as much as 50%, depending on brightness of conditions.

  2. b)

    Depth of focus increases by approximately 50%.

  3. c)

    Modifies and reduces mirage effect.

  4. d)

    Does not employ lenses. Perforated aluminum disk weighs only 1/4 oz. The Modifier Disk screws onto the scope, in front of the objective lens (only for the 52mm and 56mm objective lenses scopes).

Middle Focus Wheels

Perfect for all your field target applications! Middle Focus Wheels can install on the Side Focus Dial for ease of turning.

Outer diameter: 49mm (1.9 inches)

Inner diameter according to the size of Side Focus Dial:

  • MAR2023 31mm

    31mm O.D. For fixed power scopes, EP Zoom scopes and non-illuminated versions of all 5-32x & 10-60x scopes.

  • MAR2024 34mm

    34mm O.D. For non-illuminated scopes in 1-10x. 2.5-25x, 5-50x, 8-80x, 1-8x, 3-24x, 5-40x.

  • MAR2025 36mm

    36mm O.D. For any March scope with an illumination module.

Large Focus Wheel

The 3.5" (88.9mm) Large Focus Wheel assists in fine focusing adjustment, especially at shorter ranges. The Large Focus Wheel is great for Field Air Rifle use and can be installed on all models. Requires middle focus wheel for mounting.

Low Illumination Switch Module

This Low Illumination Module allows you to create a range of illumination not previously possible. Each intensity of illumination becomes one-fifth the standard modules and can be cycled through with an easy click. The switch is easy to replace on your current illumination dial, fits all illuminated March scopes.

Percent of brightness: 1, 5, 8, 20%

Zoom Ring Lever

Simple but brilliant in design, this Zoom Ring Lever attaches to all March scopes (except the 10 - 60 x 52mm size) with no hardware and provides a lever to make turning the zoom ring quick and easy.

Six Level Illumination Switch

The Six-Level Illumination Switch on March scopes produces six levels of light intensity on the reticle for precision shooting in low light or night conditions. Rotating the knurled dial doubles the intensity with each increasing level. The rubber switch turns illumination on or off while maintaining the user-selected intensity level. After one hour illumination will automatically shut off to conserve battery life.

Percent of brightness: 1, 5, 8, 20, 40, 100%

Blank Turret Caps

These turret caps are specially made for March scopes from a solid piece of CNC'd aluminum and have blank dials for adding custom markings to match the user's particular caliber and load specs.

  • MAR2035 This model fits 1x-4.5x, 1x-10x, 2.5x-25x, 3x-24x, and 5x-40x March scopes.

  • MAR2036 This model fits 5x-32x, 10x-60x, 5x-50x, and 8x-80x March scopes.

Smartphone Adapter

Have you ever shot a remarkable group and wished you had a way to photograph it? With this handy Smartphone Adapter you can! The adapter holds your smartphone in place on your March scope so that you can take easy, amazing photos ( and videos) through the scope. The adapter can adjust according to lens position and fits almost every size or kind of phone (including the iPhone 6 Plus). Please note we cannot advise shooting while your smartphone is attached—we can't promise your phone wouldn't take the hit as well!